How To: Apply sharpening compound to a hone

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply sharpening compound to a hone. First, remove the old compound by scratching the hone on scotch bright. Keep doing this until the compound is off and the hone is soft. To reapply, start coloring the compound on. Work your way from the top to the bottom, moving in an up and down motion quickly. Make sure you apply enough to where the hone is a darker color of green instead of a light green When you are finished, you will have newly applied compound within...

How To: Cross stitch leather

John Hunt demonstrates how to do Cross Stitch that is used on steering wheel covers in this video. He takes a piece of dowel and wraps it with pre-glued leather. Next he threads two needles with cotton thread that has been pulled through bees wax so they stay in the leather better. Next he begins to sew. You have to sew the first half of the cross stitch with one needle and thread, and the other half with the other needle and thread. Sew till you get to the end pull both needles off the threa...

How To: Dye leather

Dying leather is a great option to revamp or change the look of an existing leather piece. Choose a dye that provides the qualities you are looking for, be it flexibility or depth of color. The possibilities are endless.

How To: Make a leather sheath for a Scandinavian knife

Here's an easy step by step tutorial on how to make a leather sheath for your Scandinavian knife. Place the knife on top of the leather you will be using to make the sheath. Measure the tip of your knife away from the bottom of the leather for about a size of the width of your index finger. Wrap the knife with the material you're using to measure the length and width of the sheath. Mark the edges of the leather that will be needed to make the sheath. Cut out the leather by following the marke...

How To: Customize leather shoes

Painting custom leather kicks like Dunks is increasingly popular as the art community realizes what great canvases these big bold shoes make. If you want to get in the game watch this video for a one-stop guide to customizing leather shoes (in this case Dunks) with whatever paint designs you want.

How To: Mold rawhide

This video is an introduction to rawhide art and the process of its creation and appreciation. Candace Copeland uses many media in her passion of creating art. One of her specialties is rawhide art.

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